Oversized Sangria Scrunchie
Oversized Sangria Scrunchie top view

Oversized Sangria Scrunchie

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Ethically handmade XXL (Oversized) Scrunchie using Locally sourced Chiffon Fabric. The soft texture and vivid colour of the Sangria Scrunchie creates a staple style that will be an exquisite addition to your wardrobe.

This Oversized Scrunchie (XXL) is 6.5 inches in diameter.

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Raquel Bouchard
The perfect oversized scrunchie

I loved these so much I bough 8! I gifted some to the wonderful women in my life, and they we VERY well received. My mom has natural curly hair and loves her scrunchies for the ease of use with her natural ringlets, she also has RA and the size makes it extremely manageable for her to use instead of smaller scrunchies. My sister and I have extremely long hair and these work great for buns, half do’s, and just holding your hair back with a hat or whatnot. 100/10 for these gorgeous scrunchies, quality is top notch and I LOVE them!

María Parra
I love them all !!!

This is a product I have in my heart, no just because I know how well they are made, but because I love everything about it. The Colours are amazing and give me that touch of cuteness that is ageless. It’s a beautiful way to feed my inner child, while enjoying life at any age. I am absolutely in love with them. For me, the more, the better. ❤️

Jeanne-Lynn Martin

Oversized Sangria Scrunchie

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We strive to provide you superior quality products that will make you look and feel awesome! With that in mind, we service & support our local community not only by sourcing premium materials locally, but also by giving back  to organizations closer to our heart who provide a hand for those in need. 


I Absolutley love my scrunchies from hello freckles! They quality is stellar and the prints are gorgeous. The customer service and willingness to go above and beyond never ceases to amaze me!!! Don’t think anymore...buy that scrunchie! Especially the midnight blue, it’s so soft and the Color is beyond perfect.

Valerie Mytroen

When you shop at Hello Freckles you get amazing quality! We love everything and would definitely recommend everything about this shop!

Ashlee Gillespie