About us


I am an artist, maker, photographer, business owner, and CEO - but most of all, I am a wife and mother.

Since the moment I became the mom of a little girl, I started to search for fun, colorful and high quality options for hair accessories; during my quest one of the grannies who lives in tropical latitudes, sent a large quantity and variety of hair bows. When my little Becky started wearing these bows, they caught the attention of many people who approached me and asked where I bought such creative and unique designs.

There was nothing like them in the local markets, and each piece was made with such personalization and attention to detail, they stood out. At that moment I realized I was not alone on this quest for uniquely special accessories.

The months passed, and when I had my second girl, my need to find a better variety for hair accessories intensified - and that was when Hello Freckles™ was born.

Today, we handcraft premium quality, creative, classical & modern designs of scrunchies, hair ties, and bow ties, made with the highest quality materials to compliment the natural beauty and personality of the most pampered little ones (and big!) in the house.

I have two girls and a bunch of nephews, and as I did not want to leave out the “Little ones of the Aunt”, Hello Freckles!™ also makes accessories for the little chivalrous of the house, so they can look handsome and just as special.

As a mom, I understand what is to be short on time and always being ready for life’s unexpected surprises. But I also understand how looking and feeling your best matters! Life is better when you feel beautiful.

I also know how, as a busy mom and entrepreneur, it feels when an accessory break in the least convenient moment. This is why we test every model of our products on our own family before they make their debut to the public. This ensures the highest standard of quality so you feel comfortable enough to dress your family with our accessories so you always look and feel your very best on any occasion.

Everyday is an adventure you can personalize so wherever you go, you feel beautiful pursuing your goals and dreams.