Our Guarantee & Manufacturing Process

Hello Freckles™ is known around the world for our handcrafted, premium quality accessories. We strive to make the highest quality, customized pieces possible, using locally sourced materials. Every piece is handcrafted with a personalized touch and careful attention to detail.
 We offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products. If your scrunchie or fabric bow were to ever come damaged, we will do our best to fix it free of charge or replace it.
 Please contact us to provide you details of how to send your product in to be repaired.



We uphold the highest standards throughout our design process. From ethical sourcing of our raw materials to handcrafting every item to ensure a personalized and original product, to the quality and attention to details in every step of the manufacturing process - we design for durability and longevity in mind.
Every piece is made with you, the customer in mind. With the highest standards, we curate every collection with kindness, love, and passion. It is the personal touch that customers have told us time and time again, that makes a difference.
Manufactured to last a lifetime, we hand sew the knot of the bow to secure it in place. You can rest assured that the metal clips are sourced from places that certify their clips are free of heavy metals like Cadmium, Chrome, Lead. These metal clips are stronger than other clips you will find in the marketplace.
When you shop Hello Freckles, you are supporting a small business that cares.