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Hair scrunchies are back in fashion and if you’re in the market for a new scrunchie, we’re here for you! Here are 6 reasons when you know your brand new hair scrunchie has been your best investment so far!

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 1: You’re Supporting A Local Business

If you want to jump on the 90s hair scrunchie trend, why not support a local and independent business while you’re at it! By buying scrunchies from Hello Freckles, you’ll be supporting a wife, mother and female boss! Inspired by my own childhood and memories of how my grannie would rock elaborate hair bows, I decided to open my own business. I truly believe that life is better when you feel beautiful, and so I work hard to create and design a wide range of scrunchies and hair accessories. From velvet scrunchies to floral designs, take a look at our online collection of Neutral Scrunchies here.


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2: When It’s A Christmas Present

If someone has bought you a "Hello Freckles" scrunchie as Christmas present, you know it’s going to be a good one! A thoughtful gift is something you should treasure, so use this opportunity to start getting creative with your hairstyles and show them just how much you love your new hair scrunchie. 

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 3: It Reminds You Of Childhood

Remember your childhood! Scrunchies, butterfly clips and lip gloss! Well, if your new hair scrunchie reminds you of the 90s, when makeovers, sleepovers and Clueless were popular, you’ve got the new hair trend right! 2021 is all about Friends, Furbys and scrunchies, so invest in some pretty styles for fall/winter 2020/2021. We highly recommend our gorgeous velvet scrunchies!


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 4: It’s Made Well

It might be pretty, it might even be made of soft-touch velvet, but a good hair scrunchie needs to be made well. This type of hair accessory is going to be there for you when you want to dress up, look cute or just enjoy a lazy afternoon. Be sure to find a hair scrunchie that is never going to let you down and stand the test of time! That’s why at Hello Freckles our scrunchies are all handcrafted to the highest quality. So whether you’re chilling at home, or running errands, your hair is going to look on point!


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 5: You Never Go Anywhere Without It

If you forget you’re wearing your favourite hair scrunchie on your wrist, this is the ultimate sign that it’s a good scrunchie. Going almost everywhere with your new hair accessory means it is useful, stylish, versatile and it doesn’t pinch your skin! A+ for your "Hello Freckles" scrunchie purchase, you’ve made a seriously good investment!

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6: It Empowers You

 A hair scrunchie on your wrist is a casual vibe, but when you tie your hair back with your favourite scrunchie, you mean business! This simple act tells anyone close-by that you are in charge of the situation. Whether it’s deep cleaning your home, picking your kids up from school, or when you’re about to smash a workout at the gym. Your scrunchie is going to be your go-to accessory when you’re not playing around anymore! Check out our pearl and silky scrunchie.


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