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5 Trends For 2021 From Your 90s Childhood

Scrunchies, Tamagotchis and Pokemon represent childhood for Millennials. Without TikTok, Instagram and smartphones, we turned to MSN to catch up with our pals after school. As most families only had a dial-up computer in their front room, Millennials would create elaborate storylines for The Sims, give each other makeovers at a sleepover, and spend hours braiding each other’s hair with butterfly clips and scrunchies. This was a time when we were allowed to be innocent, playful and imperfect as kids and young teens. There were no filters to conceal our flaws or pressure to post a selfie online, and many Millennials wish that they could turn back time and experience this wonderful era again.


Thankfully, a lot of our childhood favourites are coming back and are the next big thing for the New Year! As 2021 finally makes its debut, we bid farewell to this crazy and unpredictable year and welcome a fresh new vibe. So, let’s take a look at which Millennial childhood favourites are about to become the new must-have item!



 1: Scrunchies

That’s right, scrunchies are essential for 2021. This effortless chic accessory was hugely popular in the 90s and worn by celebrity icons such as Bridget Bardot to Phoebe from Friends. Rock a red lip and Burgundy velvet scrunchie for serious sex appeal. Or go for a messy bun and ballerina vibe with a pearl silk scrunchie.

 Take a look at our online collection of Millennial inspired scrunchies that will take you right back to the 90s: Shop scrunchies online.


Polaroid Photos

2: Polaroid Camera

Let’s see how quickly kids these days can master the art of posing for a Polaroid picture! Let us tell you, from our personal experience, you’re not going to look poppin’ when the Polaroid prints. A complete contrast to the filter crazy younger generation today, our Millennial childhood was captured by dimly lit photographs that were impossible to edit or airbrush - but that’s the way we liked it! Life’s too short to be spending hours perfecting a snap, so we are so excited for Polaroid cameras to be back in fashion!


Magic Capes

 3: Capes

Our childhood was magical! No, not because we created a TikTok that went viral, but because our imagination was filled with spells, castles and owls thanks to Harry Potter. Wishing one day we would receive an invitation to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, you’ll be glad to know that capes are making a come back. This massive fashion trend for fall/ winter 2020/2021 is being pushed by Givenchy, Isabel Marant and Valentino!



 4: Tamagotchi

 Oh yes my friends, the digital pet is back for 2021. Giving us a snapshot of our childhood Tamagotchi’s are making a comeback in December 2020, just in time for Christmas! Although this 90s toy has had a bit of an upgrade since the last time we saw them. Now your pet will be able to venture outside their house, celebrate your birthday and even get married and have kids.



   5: Berry Beautiful

 Put down the lip liner for 2021 and say hello to our old friend, lipgloss. For the New Year, the beauty industry is welcoming back berry lip shades, with high gloss and barely-there foundation. This typical Millennial look was something we all tried to master during our early teens, but now thanks to year’s of contouring, blending and concealing, let’s hope this time round we can rock this look!

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